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Ice Free for Bird Baths

Provide clean fresh water every day of the year even when it is very cold, birds and other wildlife often struggle when it is icy to find a good source of water, bird baths are ideal for helping wildlife over winter but it can be challenging when it becomes icy.

The ice free formula slows the freezing process and is effective down to -4°C keeping water liquid for longer. Even where the wind chill, frost hollows or extremely low temperatures mean the bird bath does freeze, it will remain liquid for longer and thaw quicker than untreated water.

Ice Free for Bird Baths is an eco-friendly product made from 100% natural ingredients meaning it is completely safe to use for all wildlife and you cannot overdose this product. The formula is based on plant extracts which will prevent freezing without harming birds or other wildlife.

How to use: For typical bird baths containing around 2.5 litres of water add 30 ml of Ice Free and re-dose when topping up.

Please note it won’t stop water freezing when the temperature is below -4°C so do keep an eye out on the water in the coldest weather.

Product does not contain glycerol or glycol.

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