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All Metal Flip Top Squirrel Feeder for Grey Squirrels

Squirrels are good at many things and one of their biggest skills is finding food. Deterring squirrels from bird feeders can become a real battle of wits and no one wants to lose that battle to a squirrel.

There are many solutions that work or at least mostly work to prevent squirrels from their bird feeder antics, one of them is to give them their own Squirrel Feeder placed in a quiet spot in the garden may help discourage squirrels from raiding the birds feeders.

Sadly our native Red Squirrels are unlikely to be strong enough to open the lid so we recommend these squirrel feeders for Grey Squirrels only.

Grey squirrels are quite strong for their size and this sturdy feeder can stand up to most of the grey squirrels antics as well as keep the food dry. The All Metal Flip Top Squirrel Feeder can be filled with our squirrel mix or whole hazelnuts or other squirrel foods, all the squirrels need to do is raise the lid to get at the food, it’s amazing how quickly they understand how to get at the food. There is a pedestal at the front where a squirrel can sit to eat or steady itself while opening the lid.

This Squirrel Feeder is made from a powder coated all metal frame and lid for long life, this makes it easy to clean and to prevent corrosion. The clear plastic food tube makes it easy to see when it needs topping up with delicious squirrelly treats.

Height: 205mm
Width: 110mm
Depth: 250mm
Capacity: 0.7kg

Weight: 1kg approx

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