Hedgehog Perfect Bound Notebook The DM Collection


Fabulously illustrated Hedgehog Perfect Bound Notebook with cover image reproduced from watercolour paintings by Daniel Mackie who has created The DM Collection.

An A5 Perfect Bound notebook. Hedgehog

Soft cover with 100 Pages and rounded corners

– Created with luxury cream stock lined pages.

– Sourced with care from British papermakers who use wood from responsibly managed UK forests.

– Size: A5 14.8cm x 21cm

Made in the UK.

Copyright 2017 Daniel Mackie All Rights Reserved.


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What does the Hedgehog Perfect Bound Notebook do?

Ideal for you thoughts, ideas, lists, doodles, diagrams, sketches and notes with it’s lined pages this handy, pop in your bag, carry anywhere, A5 notebook size is lightweight flexible and perfect for travelling as well as meetings.

With 100 pages there is plenty of space for anything you need to jot down and looks great too.

Keeps all those ideas, to-do lists and dates organised in a creative and colourful notebook.

We love digital but even if you are digitally minded like us, keeping a hand written notebook can help you to be more creative and focussed. Hand writing uses parts of the brain typing doesn’t reach and allows you to think faster and process information better than typing and allows you to focus on the task more easily as there are fewer distractions.

Aside from giving your brain some extra exercise, if you leave your notebook in the coffee shop it’s far more likely to be handed in than your latest Samsung or iPhone, drop it on the floor it doesn’t break and even if you find a puddle or loo big enough to drop it in, it’s annoying but it won’t break the bank. Digital is great but so is keeping a note book there is definitely room for all media.

Oh yes and not forgetting it never needs charging up.

As fantastic as the hedgehog notebook is you will need to add a pen or pencil or even your favourite crayon to get it to function correctly!

Who is the Artist?

Artist Daniel Mackie illustrated the original hedgehog in watercolour, this design has been printed on both front and rear covers. The unusual hedgehog illustration is made up of evocative elements of it’s woodland edge, hedgerow and meadow habitat of red clovers, bluebells and grasses. This notebook forms part of The DM Collection, a collection of prints, greeting cards, tea towels, coasters and notebooks with mostly animal themes like wildlife, farm yard and pets. Each illustration bears key elements of the animals habitat and seasons creating an interesting and colourful design.

What else is great about the note book?

The rounded corners of the note book help prevent those annoying bashed, bumped and curled corners and give the notebook an unusual and high quality look and feel.

It is lightweight and flexible but substantial enough to hold 100 pages. It’s A5 notebook size (14.8cm x 21cm) is small and handy to carry but still large enough to put down all you need and write freely.

This high quality is backed up by the no glare, easy on the eye, luxury cream lines pages which offer you a smooth writing experience.

The spine is pink which helps it to standout even when it’s in a pile of other note books or papers so you can find and select your note book easily.

What does Perfect Bound / Perfect Binding Mean?

Perfect binding means the spine cover and pages are bound together with a strong glue not stitched.

In short the Hedgehog Notebook is / has…

  • An A5 size Perfect Bound notebook.
  • Hedgehog illustration by artist Daniel Mackie who created The DM Collection
  • Created with luxury cream stock
  • 100 Lined pages
  • Sourced with care from British papermakers who use wood from responsibly managed UK forests.
  • Size: A5 notebook size – 14.8cm x 21cm
  • Illustrated on front and back cover with the hedgehog
  • Sourced with care from British papermakers who use wood from responsibly managed UK forests.
  • Made in the UK.

Copyright 2017 Daniel Mackie All Rights Reserved.

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The DM Collection

Beautifully illustrated and colourful animal art products by award winning Artist Daniel Mackie


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