Large Crocodile Soft Toy Ravensden 54cm


Despite his fierce looks the large crocodile soft toy is a great big softy. Super soft fur and a big smile for everyone he meets, the large crocodile soft toy is a great gift.

  • 54cm
  • CE Mark
  • Ravensden

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Lurking somewhere in the swamps is a modern day dinosaur, but not this one, he’s cute and cuddly as well as super soft. Never mind those big white teeth, they are just for giving you an enormous crocodile smile.

The large Crocodile soft toy from Ravensden is a big softy. At 54cm long he is hoping for some major hugging. In a super soft green fur and white felt teeth he will be the one frightening the bogiemen!

What is the Ravensden brand?

Ravensden, established in 1975, are specialists in designing animal themed toys. From beautiful and inspirational animals in the Suma Collection to fun and bright soft toys for all ages to enjoy.

In short the Crocodile soft toy from Ravensden is / has…

  • 54cm
  • CE Mark
  • Ravensden brand

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