Red Squirrel Soft Toy Ravensden Suma Collection 18cm


Soft friendly red squirrel teddy is a cute soft toy gift for animal lovers.

  • 18cm long approx
  • CE Mark
  • Ravensden’s premium Suma Collection brand

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Small cuddly and super cute Red Squirrel soft toy with its cute face, soft fur and tail is very appealing. This red squirrel is 18cm long and is part of the premium Suma Collection from Ravensden. Great gift for animal lovers.

What is the Ravensden brand?

Ravensden, established in 1975, are specialists in designing animal themed toys. From beautiful and inspirational animals in the Suma Collection to fun and bright soft toys for all ages to enjoy.

In short the Red Squirrel soft toy from Ravensden is / has…

  • 18cm is the length of it’s back approx
  • CE Mark
  • Ravensden’s premium Suma Collection brand

We also carry this and other wonderful designs from Ravensden soft toys – please visit Ravensden Page

Weight 0.045 g
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 9 cm
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