Ravensden Red Panda Soft Toy 30cm


This soft toy Red Panda is a great present or stocking filler for lovers of mammals and wildlife young and old alike.

  • 30cm along the back
  • Suitable for Age 0+
  • CE Mark
  • Ravenden

In stock (can be backordered)

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Adorable and cuddly Red Panda from Ravensden. Red Pandas are an endangered Asian mammal slightly larger than a domesticated cat. These fluffy mammals were discovered and described before the Giant Panda so it is the Red Panda which was named first. Not closely related to the Giant Panda the Red Panda is also primarily a bamboo eater. These unusual creatures turned out to be hard to classify being first classified as racoons and then as bears, DNA evidence has now shown they are in a family of their own, the Ailuridae, with no living near relatives the fossil record so far showing their closest ancestors lived 3-4 million years ago.

What is the Ravensden brand?

Ravensden, established in 1975, are specialists in designing animal themed toys. From beautiful and inspirational animals in the Suma Collection to fun and bright soft toys for all ages to enjoy.

In short the Red Panda soft toy from Ravensden is / has…

  • 30cm along back
  • Suitable for Age 0+
  • CE Mark
  • Ravensden brand

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