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Niger Seeds 1kg from Ark Wildlife

Many of our small garden visiting birds adore niger seeds and rightly so they contain approximately 40% oil and 20% protein making it a healthy suppliment to your garden visitors diet.

Niger seeds attract a number of small seed eating birds like finches and sparrows and are well known to be adored by goldfinches, they are also loved by larger birds like pigeons. Niger seed’s small slender shape does mean it cannot be put in a normal bird feeder as it will spill out. You will need to feed niger seed either on a bird table or using a specialist niger seed feeder which can easily be used by small birds but not larger birds like pigeons.

Niger seed is sometimes known as Nyjer or Thistle seed, it is not however a thistle but a yellow flowered plant in the Daisy family called Guizotia abyssinica (as in image), similar to a Coreopsis and not a thistle. Both niger and many species of thistle are of course in the Daisy family but Niger is more closely related to sunflowers and coreopsis than thistles. I have to say Niger seed doesn’t grow so easily under the feeders like sunflowers and wheat do although you may get the occasional one crop up now and then.

Requires special Niger Feeder

Contains: Niger Seed.

Composition (100g): 605kcal, Oil 38.5%

Packaging: Sugar Cane Bioplastic is renewable and 100% recyclable

Not for human consumption

May contain nuts or nut oils.

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