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Mason Bee Next Box

Help pollinators in your garden by placing a Mason Bee nesting box in a sunny spot. There are a number of Mason Bee species in the UK and over 300 species world wide. They build their nests often in existing holes or places where they can easily move material out, like in soft mortar, to create their nesting cells which they then plug. Bee tubes like those in the Mason Bee nest box make good long nesting cells for Mason Bees.

Solitary bees like Mason Bees, make their own nest although they do often like to nest near each other so it can appear as if they are working together. They are important pollinators visiting a wide variety of flowering plant species and can be found in gardens all over the UK.

The Mason Bee Nest Box comes complete with fixing screws. The re-usable recycled plastic body can be used year after year by refilling with replacement tubes. It features a predator baffle to stop birds eating the bee larvae, along with an angled, overhanging top to prevent the tubes getting damp, plus additional drain holes at the back. The clever design allows it to be mounted horizontally, vertically, from top, sides or bottom.

The tubes come complete with lining papers and back stops, making them perfect for bees to use as nesting tubes. They are simple to remove and overwinter in a dry cool shed or garage to ensure the greatest possible hatching rate the following spring.

Place one (or preferably a collection) in quiet spots in the garden exposed to full sunshine, then sit back and watch the fascinating life cycle of your new pollinating team. Full instructions are included on the wrapper.

Height: 90mm
Width: 103mm
Depth: 185mm
No. of Tubes Approx: 30 Supplied with screw fixings and predator baffle

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