Lynx Soft Toy Ravensden 28cm Suma Collection


The Lynx soft toy is a fierce but benign looking wild cat with distinctive ruff and black ear tufts. Great present for wildlife lovers especially for lovers of wild cats.

  • 28cm tall
  • CE Mark
  • Ravensden
  • From the Suma Collection

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Thought to have become extinct in Britain 1300 years ago the fierce Eurasian Lynx is a powerful medium sized wild cat. Weighing around 20-30kg the Eurasian Lynx is the largest of the Lynx species and lists deer as part of its diet. It has bounced back from the brink of extinction int he past 50 years and there have even been plans to reintroduce it back to the wild in Great Britain.

The Lynx soft toy has the Eurasian Lynx black ear tufts and distinctive facial ruff like Victorian sideburns. It sits 28cm high and has a benign expression as though it has just eaten its latest meal. The Lynx soft toy is part of the premium Suma Collection from Ravensden.

What is the Ravensden brand?

Ravensden, established in 1975, are specialists in designing animal themed toys. From beautiful and inspirational animals in the Suma Collection to fun and bright soft toys for all ages to enjoy.

In short the Lynx soft toy from Ravensden is / has…

  • 28cm tall
  • CE Mark
  • Ravensden brand
  • Part of the Suma Collection

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