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Beautifully illustrated standard pack of 54 playing cards each depicting a species of fish from Heritage Playing Cards. Each card bears a colour painting by John Denaro of a species of fish and it’s names.



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Fish Playing Cards by Heritage Playing Cards

The fascinating diversity of the fish which inhabit our rivers, lakes and oceans is the result of hundreds of years of evolution, during which the many thousands of different species have learned to adapt to widely differing habitats and sources of food.

This playing card pack shows some of the freshwater and saltwater fish often found in temperate zones from Carp to Cod, Salmon to Swordfish. Flatfish, eels, rays and sharks are also included as well as a few less commonly seen fish such as the delightful Seahorse, the poisonous weever fish and the strange looking John Dory.

52 cards and 2 jokers so all the usual playing card games can be played with this pack.

Playing card packs are small and therefore are ideal for travelling and camping as well as playing at homes, all normal playing card games can be played with these packs.

Sealed pack of cards from Heritage Playing Cards


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