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Hard to Buy For? Look at Sea Gems Pens

The people who are difficult to buy for are always with us, everyone has someone in their circle of friends or family that is a complete stumper when buying gifts. They either obtained everything they could ever want some decades ago or just don’t much like anything in particular.

So how about a Pen?

People still write things down, pens are very portable and while you could buy a packet of 10 pens for a few quid from the local shop … there’s something special about a good looking pen.

Sea Gems have a smashing range of such gift pens, from colourful handbag pens to weightier metal etched pens. All Sea Gems pens are refillable so no need to throw away once the ink runs out. They are all presented in a gift box and the prices start at £9.95.

We also stock pen sets, either a double pen set or a pen and letter opener and of course they can be matched up with the sublime perfect bound notebooks from The DM Collection.

Here is a selection of our Sea Gem Pens and Pen Sets:

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