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Hard to Buy For? Look at Sea Gems Pens

The people who are difficult to buy for are always with us, everyone has someone in their circle of friends or family that is a complete stumper when buying gifts. They either obtained everything they could ever want some decades ago or just don’t much like anything in particular. So how about a Pen? People …

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Christmas Gift Wrapping

Let us help you celebrate Christmas This year we have decided to run a Christmas gift wrapping service to help you to send your family and friends a gift without you having to gift wrap and should your loved ones live far away, paying again for postage. We have chosen to use cotton fabric gift …

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Soft Toys Made with Recycled Materials

These toys from Ravensden are made from 100% recycled post consumer polyester for the outer fabric and stuffing. They also have embroidered eyes and do not contain plastic beads. We have 20 designs available, here are just 9 of them. To view all click on the Eco-friendly Toys tag. Many of us are now more …

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Eco-friendly Christmas Cards

Send your love this Christmas with our eco-friendly Christmas cards. Everyone likes to be remembered and a Christmas card is a small token easily given. Keeping Christmas glitter free isn’t easy but it is getting easier. You won’t find any glitter on these cards, just beautiful photographic and artistic designs to choose from using recycled …