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What to Feed Hedgehogs

Easy to do Can help hedgehogs Can be cheap or expensive to do Hedgehogs are one of the UKs favourite garden wildlife visitors. With their sweet button noses and small size they cause no trouble to the gardener and only cause excited dogs and nervous cats a little concern … except Lady one of our …

fatball feeder in winter
Help Wildlife

Clean Bird Feeders Regularly

Easy and quick to do Helps maintain health of wild birds Must be done regularly – weekly or every two week Feeding wild birds is a great wildlife activity, not only does it help the birds it brings more life to your garden and it’s great to watch the birds all round the year. There …

Help Wildlife

Install a Bird Bath

Easy to do Could be free if you can find the right items Maintenance is daily but easy – just clean out and add more water Birds need fresh water every day, they love to drink and bathe in shallow areas of clean water. No one is quite sure why birds bathe but they do …